Her finder du de artikler, essays mm., der tidligere har været at finde på forsiden med anbefalinger.

  • Christensen, Ralf: Vejen væk fra (og tilbage til) indie in Information d. 09/12-14. LÆS.

Men i mellemtiden er indie blevet en form for mainstream og har fundet sin egen fundamentalisme og konformitet. Borgerskabskritikken er blevet soundtrack til hipsterborgerskabets egen trummerum og ortodoksi.

  • Packer, George: The Quiet German: The Astonishing Rise of Angela Merkel in The New Yorker d. 01/12-14. LÆS.
  • Albini, Steve: On the surprisingly sturdy state of the music industry (keynote speech) in The Guardian d. 17/11-14. LÆS.

These remnants of the music industry are unsatisfied with how the internet, the bands and the audience can get along fine without them.

  • Albertsson, Snævar Njáll: So You Wanna Start an Evolution? Dad Rocks! on the Joys of Filesharing in Drowned in Sound d. 08/10-14. LÆS.
  • Graves, Meredith: Sun Kil Moon Yells at Cloud: “War on Drugs: Suck My Cock” and the Language of Male Violence in Pitchfork d. 08/10-14. LÆS.

These men are devotees of a dangerous patriarchal herd mentality, which they confuse for part of some imaginary intellectual elite.

  • Holmes, David: How to make it in the new music industry: the long slow ascent of electronic star Tycho in Pando Daily d. 26/09-14. LÆS.

I gave up the masters because I didn’t understand what I was doing. I didn’t even know what publishing was. I didn’t know what masters were. I blindly signed on the dotted line. It was the one of the stupidest things I’ve done in my career.

  • Rasmussen, Hans Henrik: Goddag digitalisering, farvel fordybelse in Information d. 24/09-14. LÆS.

Men hvad skal man alligevel også bruge al den fordybelse til, kunne man spørge. Ja, man kunne jo for eksempel bruge den til at kigge på mågerne. Der er, som den chilenske forfatter Roberto Bolaño har skrevet, jo to forskellige slags: De store og de små.

  • Ducker, Eric: A Rational Conversation: Is PC Music Pop or Is It ‘Pop’? in NPR – The Record d. 23/09-14. LÆS.

They’re drawing attention to the artificiality, which seems to be their entire raison d’être.

  • Welsh, Irvine: Labour Pains, Labour of Love in Bella Caledonia d. 08/09-14. LÆS.

A ‘yes’ vote won’t deliver the kind of society people aspire to any more than a ‘no’ vote will derail the aspiration towards it, but it will be a setback to a reactionary UK state, that has promoted little but elitism, hierarchy and the transnational superrich, at the expense of democracy.

  • Barry, Robert: Bega’s Belief: On Camp, Cheese, and Why We Should Enjoy Guilt-Free Pleasures in The Quietus d. 31/07-14. LÆS.

There have been many records and many artists that I once mocked only to later accept them as fine music. Retrospectively, I can see that the period of piss-taking was a part of the process of acceptance and taste-broadening.

  • Switek, Brian: Why Do We Love Dinosaurs So Much? in The Guardian d. 05/09-14. LÆS.

Dinosaurs embody the drastic changes that life on Earth has undergone, and give us access to some of the most powerful truths our species has come to understand – that our planet has an incredibly deep history, that life has changed constantly through time, and that extinction is the fate of all.

  • Clark, Mathilde Walter: Report from the Flatlands of Statistics in Los Angeles Review of Books (i Weekendavisen #32 d. 8. august under titlen Rapport fra statistikkens flade landskab) d. 29/07-14. LÆS.

Whenever I think of the Danes, I think of quicksilver. Not something agile or unpredictable, but something with its own magic will to become one giant glob, to dissolve into community. A will to equalize man-made differences.

  • Maine, Sammy: Does my enjoyment of Blink-182 make me a bad feminist? in Drowned in Sound d. 13/08-14. LÆS.

I think we all have to accept that nothing we consume is ever going to be crystal clear perfect in terms of our beliefs.

  • Hamilton, Callum: Was English Football Really Better in the 90s? Let’s Decide in Vice d. 01/08-14. LÆS.

England used to love a tragic, alcoholic anti-hero who literally pissed away his talent, from Best to Gascoigne. Now they call talkSPORT in a rage about Jack Wilshere smoking.

  • Oliphint, Joel: Wax and Wane. The Tough Realities Behind Vinyl’s Comeback in Pitchfork d. 28/07-14. LÆS.

But in 2014, the trickiest part for record stores is keeping those LPs in stock. One of the dirty secrets of music retail is that most distributors allow record stores to return unsold CDs—but usually not vinyl.

  • Fordham, Libby: So you’re not up at 5am to work? What’s wrong with you? Nothing d. 28/07-14. LÆS.

there is another way; one which considers that we are here to live first and work second.

  • Hugendick, David: Die Gefühlsmaschine läuft in Die Zeit d. 17/06-14. LÆS.

Aber darum geht es ja: um die permanente rhetorische Verdopplung und die fröhliche Affirmation.

  • Historien om Sarah Records fortalt af de to grundlæggere, Clare og Matt. LÆS.
  • Matthen, Mohan: Why Did We Evolve to Appreciate Beauty? in Aeon d. 24/04-14. LÆS.

We begin our lives by taking pleasure in looking and listening to things, which is how we learn to perceive.

  • Harvey, Eric: Station to Station: The Past, Present, and Future of Streaming Music in Pitchfork d. 16/04-14. LÆS.

What used to be a question of persuasion has become a problem of prediction.

  • Margulis, Elizabeth Hellmuth: One More Time: Why We Love Repetition in Music in Aeon d. 07/03-14. LÆS.

our brains show more activity in their emotional regions when the music we are listening to is familiar, regardless of whether or not we actually like it.

  • Pickett, Kate; Wilkinson, Richard: Uligheden er højere end nogensinde før in Information d. 19/03-14. LÆS.

Højere grad af ulighed forstærker følelsen af, at nogle mennesker er mere værd end andre, hvilket gør os alle mere nervøse for, hvordan andre ser på og bedømmer os.

  • Lynggaard, Klaus: Hyldest til en hund in Information d. 17/02-14. LÆS.

    Men intet fejer lortet af banen som samværet med et væsen på fire ben, der nærmest er skumfødt zenbuddhist, hvad angår accept af tingene, som de nu engang er. En kyniker vil måske påstå, at det er, fordi hunden ikke kan forestille sig andet end det nærværende øjeblik; hvad kynikeren givetvis kunne lære noget af.

  • Rabin, Nathan: The broken-down grace of Bill Murray (retrospektiv) in The Dissolve d. 17/02-14. LÆS.
  • Inglis, Andy: 10 Things That Need to Change to Save Independent Venues in The Quietus d. 27/01-14. LÆS.

    I once spent £200 pounds on towels in 18 months. That’s two SM58 microphones that I really needed. In fact, I’d rather you stole a microphone. At least I’d understand why you did it.

  •  Johnson, Greg: Some Goals Are Bigger Than Others #2: Los Campesinos! (interview med Gareth David) in Drowned in Sound d. 24/11-13. LÆS.

    And for those 90 minutes, nothing else will matter. You’re in that. You can’t question it. So whatever you can use as a catalyst for that enjoyment, be it the slight intellectualisation of football, it’s fucking worth it, because it’s just about getting every last drop of enjoyment from the game.

  • Bratton, Benjamin: We need to talk about TED in The Guardian d. 30/12-13. LÆS.

Problems are not “puzzles” to be solved. That metaphor assumes that all the necessary pieces are already on the table, they just need to be rearranged and reprogrammed. It’s not true.

  • Bennun, David: Braying Crowds and the Accidental Death of Quiet Music in The Quietus d. 12/12-13. LÆS.

Elsewhere, Jarvis Cocker’s memorable observation that music is “not as central, it’s more like a scented candle” seems ever more pertinent. Gigs always were social affairs, but for many, the emphasis has changed. They don’t go to see the band with their friends. They go to see their friends, and the band is a thing that’s happening

  • Cottom, Tressie McMillan: The Logic of Stupid Poor People in [blog] d. 29/10-13. LÆS.

You have no idea what you would do if you were poor until you are poor.

  • Marcotti, Gabriele: Inter’s Massimo Moratti the last of Europe’s “fan” owners in ESPN d. 16/10-13. LÆS.

The problem is that good people with lots of money who are emotionally invested don’t always make good owners. Not if you define “good ownership” as running the club to something near its maximum potential.

  • Harlow, Phil: Exeter City: The Fans Who Wouldn’t Take No for an Answer in BBC Sport d. 11/10-13. LÆS.

“But it’s hard work. It’s a bit like having young children. You go to a wedding and everyone says ‘aren’t they gorgeous?’ But of course there’s the changing nappies and getting up at two in the morning.”

  • Hyden, Steven: Indie Rock’s Tuneful Death Rattle in Grantland d. 01/10-13. LÆS.

But the “indie” modifier is instantly extraneous once you’ve actually heard these records — in sound and form, there’s nothing that’s weird, experimental, or potentially off-putting about them.

  • Spadaro, Antonio: A Big Heart Open to God (interview med pave Francesco) in America – the National Catholic Review d. 30/09-13. LÆS.

“The dogmatic and moral teachings of the church are not all equivalent. The church’s pastoral ministry cannot be obsessed with the transmission of a disjointed multitude of doctrines to be imposed insistently.”

  • Meininghaus, Felix: Jürgen Klopp, der Vulkan in Die Zeit d. 19/09-13. LÆS.

Da ging es im Kabuff des Hausmeisters sehr viel entspannter zu, dort fand Klopp Asyl und sah das Spiel “mit einem sehr netten Mann, der auf das Stadion aufpasst” am Fernseher.

  • Žižek, Slavoj: Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange: our new heroes in The Guardian d. 03/09-13. LÆS.

What we should be ashamed of is the worldwide process of the gradual narrowing of the space for what Kant called the “public use of reason”.

  • Badger, Emily: How Poverty Taxes the Brain in The Atlantic Cities d. 29/08-13. LÆS.

poverty imposes such a massive cognitive load on the poor that they have little bandwidth left over to do many of the things that might lift them out of poverty – like go to night school, or search for a new job, or even remember to pay bills on time.

  • Nosowitz, Dan: I Met the World’s Smartest Dog in Popular Science d. 26/08-13. LÆS.

I distinctly got the sense that she was thinking, and not just reacting. When Pill told Chaser to “meet” me, she wasn’t being cute; Chaser looked at me, did her version of a handshake, noted that I was a human with whom she may interact, and then left.

  • Weill, Nicolas: Jürgen Habermas: NSA-afsløringerne angår os alle in Information d. 16/08-13. LÆS.

“Tag ikke fejl: Der findes en antiamerikanisme, især i Tyskland, som har en lang forhistorie, hvor den har allieret sig med nogle af de mest frastødende politiske strømninger. Men respekten for de grundlæggende menneskerettigheder må være grundlaget for venskabet mellem USA og Europa”

  • Offit, Paul: The Vitamin Myth: Why We Think We Need Supplements in The Atlantic d. 19/07-13. LÆS.

The evidence for supplementing with any vitamin, particularly vitamin E, is just not there.

  • Keim, Brandon: Being a Sandpiper: the Science of Animal Consciousness in Aeon d. 02/07-13. LÆS.

The great beauty of evolution, its essential profundity, is in placing humans among animals, not only in body but in mind

  • Olsen, Mette: Søren Ulrik Thomsen: Har man talent på et område, mister man retten til at være amatør på andre in Politiken d. 02/06-13. LÆS.

“Der er nogle folk, der spørger: Hvorfor udtaler kunstnere sig ikke mere om politik? Men at jeg er forfatter, gør jo ikke, at jeg har mere forstand på politik end min bror, som er bankmand. Tværtimod har det ofte vist sig, at kunstnere har været til fals for totalitære ideologier, fordi de tit har et æstetisk blik på politikken.”

  • Fancony, Simon: ‘Det frie marked eksisterer ikke’ in Information d. 28/05-13. LÆS.

“Hvis man går en økonom på klingen og insisterer på at få et eksempel på et frit marked, vil han have svært ved at komme med eksempel. Og hvis man går virkelig hårdt til dem og insisterer på at få et svar, vil deres bedste eksempel højst sandsynligt være aktiemarkedet, da det er et marked, hvor informationer og handlinger har effekt næsten øjeblikkeligt. Men hvor frit er aktiemarkedet egentligt?”

  • Taylor, James: My Pink Pages: How La Gazzetta dello Sport Changed My Life in In Bed With Maradona d. 24/02-13. LÆS.

By this time the paper had become such a part of my life that I even brought my copy with me when purchasing a bag for work, just to make sure it would fit snugly inside.

  • Braithwaite, Stuart: The Day the Music Died in The Scotsman d. 20/0113. LÆS.

While music retail is clearly bearing the brunt of this cultural sea change, my main concern is that as the “music is free” generation grows older and instils this attitude in their own children, too few people will be paying for music to sustain a music industry of any substance.

  • Stone, Aug: Words on Music: Saint Etienne on the Joys of Pop in The Quietus d. 03/12-12. LÆS.

And you just started thinking, you had no concept of electronic music. I remember on Tomorrow’s World or other TV programs, they’d often have synthesisers and some presenter going ‘This is how all music will be made in the future.’ They’d always say that, so you’d just assume it was true.

  • Wenzel, Jasper Fabian: “Maybe” – die Generation, die dem Druck widersteht in Die Welt d. 11/06-12. LÆS.

Der Schritt ins Ausprobieren: Wir machen das einfach mal. Das Unfertige nicht sofort vollenden. Dass Vielleicht auch ein Zustand sein darf, alles andere ist Geschichte. Es geht nicht darum, eine Amüsiersphäre zu verteidigen, sondern aufzuzeigen, dass es um spontane Subjekte ging, die sich heute an diesen schönen Akt der Plötzlichkeit erinnern, in dem Wissen, dass er für sie so nie mehr möglich sein wird.

  • Wenzel, Jasper Fabian: Immer noch Sturm in Die Welt d. 07/10-12. LÆS.

Wenn der große Traum ausgeträumt ist, bleiben Geschichten, die möglichst nah dran sind an den einst geträumten Bildern, charmante Episoden und Einmaligkeiten.

  • Christensen, Ralf: Tak til Udlændingestyrelsen in Politiken d. 01/08-12. LÆS.

Hvis Udlændingestyrelsen kan skalte og valte med en ressourcestærk danskers tid, liv og lykke med så stor bureaukratisk sendrægtighed og betragtelige kommunikationsbrist, hvilke konsekvenser har det her system så ikke for de virkelig svage?

  • Kreider, Tim: The ‘Busy’ Trap in The New York Times d. 30/06-12. LÆS.

It’s almost always people whose lamented busyness is purely self-imposed: work and obligations they’ve taken on voluntarily, classes and activities they’ve “encouraged” their kids to participate in. They’re busy because of their own ambition or drive or anxiety, because they’re addicted to busyness and dread what they might have to face in its absence.

  • Harvey, Eric: Worn Copies: Beach House, VW, and What It Means to Sell a Feeling in Pitchfork d. 14/06-12. LÆS.

The creative types at the heads of these new firms are often posed with the same existential crises as musicians and labels trying to rise above the din: How to make people take notice through a work that’s familiar enough to not alienate everyone, but also just different enough to stand apart from the pack.

  • Spiller, Christian: Die Rückkehr der ehrlichen Freude in Der Spiegel d. 05/04-12. LÆS

Müller wird gerne Instinktfußballer genannt. Auf dem Platz entdeckt er Räume, die man nicht einmal von der Tribüne aus erkennt. Intuitiv bewegt er sich hinein. Er ist echt, unverfälscht. So wie sein Jubel, der sich, wohl unbewusst, an früheren Zeiten orientiert.

  • Beck, Richard: 5.4 – Pitchfork, 1995 – Present in N+1 d. 19/01-12. LÆS.

While Pitchfork may be invaluable as an archive, it is worse than useless as a forum for insight and argument.

  • Christensen, Ralf: Snart vil ingen lytte in Information d. 17/08-11. LÆS.

Det er anmelderens hverv at spille temperament såvel som faglighed op mod alle musikkens muligheder. Det er hendes eller hans hverv at prioritere i en vekselvirkning mellem personligt engagement og kulturel relevans.

  • Max, D.T.: Secrets of Sleep in National Geographic d. xx/05-10. LÆS.

So the purpose of sleep may be to help us remember what’s important, by letting us forget what’s not.